Matier Emprende: EL INICIO

Matier Emprende: THE BEGINNING


We believe that if we work together our dreams become closer.

That is why we have decided to create MATIER EMPRENDE, a space where a community of people passionate about their businesses is born who seek to never stop learning and growing as entrepreneurs, supporting each other.

This space will bring you closer to relevant knowledge for your venture in a free, simple and dynamic way.

All this in exchange for what?

NOTHING, simply from the satisfaction of knowing that we help you so that your project is born, grows and develops in the correct way.

Because if it goes well for one of us, it will go better for all of us.

We are sure it will work for you!


Beatriz  Rojas
Beatriz Rojas

Hola me encanta esta labor de orientación Empresarial que hacen ustedes ayuda bastante. Me gustaría saber como hacen para sacar los costos y calcular el valor de venta de sus productos.


Buenas noches como hacen para llevar el stock de la prendas que hay en almacén o en el taller y las que se vendieron día a día

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